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   One of my favorite all-time makeup brands is NYX. I have tried out quite a lot of their products, mostly due to their wonderfulness and even more wonderful price. I own all of the products in this post, so the opinions I am making are well informed. 
Soft Matte Lip Cream: Amsterdam / Addisababa   Extra-Creamy Round Lipstick: Peach Bellini
   I love the NYX soft matte lip creams. The pigmentation is incredible and they smell delicious. They leave your lips soft despite their matte appearance. The one thing I would note is that the colors are way brighter in person than on the website. Addisababa is a bright, bright Barbie pink and Amsterdam is a candy apple red. I would recommend Amsterdam if you have a pale complexion like I do. It really creates a Snow White-esque effect. 

Rouge Cream Blush: Red Cheeks   HD Studio Photogenic Foundation: Nude    Concealer Wand: Porcelain
Nude on Nude
   I love this blush, and I've mentioned it before on here. The color is super pigmented, but I use it sparingly on my cheeks and lips. If you're afraid of the color, you could definitely use it as a lipstain (or just buy a light one). I will definitely be purchasing this product in more colors in the future. 
   I bought this foundation thinking that because it's a little bit more expensive than a drugstore foundation it might be slightly better. In all honesty, I usually just wear bb creams. I don't find that I really need a foundation, and when I wear one I feel like they just make my skin look super dry. I used this product for a little bit when I decided to go to back to foundation for awhile and after my Revlon Colorstay started making me break out. I would recommend this if you have similar problems; if you don't want something that will highlight your dry skin or if you are sensitive to the holygrail Colorstay. Overall, it's a pretty decent product. It has a very odd smell, but it wasn't bad enough for me to take it off. 
    I bought this eyeshadow palette because I didn't want to spend $50 for the Naked palette. It has way more colors, is half the price, and comes with 10 shades of lipgloss. I am happy with this purchase. It has a nice blend of shimmer and matte shades, and it is my go to for eyeshadow. Plus, the lipglosses are fabulous. 

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