**raises both hands to the sky** God bless all of the butterflies in my stomach and my flushed, rosy cheeks. Update: I have been mildly going nuts since Valentine's Day. Our school's winter dance was on Saturday, and even though the dance itself was pretty lame, I had a really nice night with my friends. Hahaha, one of my senior friends is lowkey in love with a freshman now, and every time I get a little bit sad, I just think about how silly the whole thing is and start laughing. On the other hand, mutual affection is such a nice thing and I really hope things go well for the love birds.
      The best part about the winter dance having come and gone is that now this means PROM is NEXT. I LOVE PROM. I mostly just want to dress up in my long red dress and prance around with my friends like we're Disney princesses, but nonetheless, I am still very excited. 
       If you catch me making silly joyous squeals or smiling off into the distance, nine times out of ten it will be because of boy (paragraph 1) or prom (paragraph 2). 

      In other news, college stuff still sucks. I filled out my FAFSA yesterday, and all I could think is "please please please give me money so I don't have to decide between college and living the rest of my life in my bedroom". I'm honestly tempted to just ditch the college route and spend the next year in my room writing a book. I like writing, and I'm pretty good at it when I take the time and slow down, and really I just don't want to have to spend $150,000 on a degree I don't know that I'll use. **sighs for forever** Art is great and all, but I don't see how I can spend the rest of my life going down a single career path. I just need to be one of those ultra-rich celebrities who dabbles in everything. That way, when I get sick of art, I can just move on to fashion design, and then I'll be a producer, and then I'll volunteer helping children. Moral of the story: I want to be Kanye West when I grow up. 
      The cool news is that I got into all of the art schools that I applied to. Even the NYC one. **raises both hands again** It feels like some form of validation, but there's still people who are more talented than me at my middle-of-nowhere-Minnesota high school, so I've been doubting this path quite a bit lately. Gosh, this is why I just like to waste my time thinking about boys and cheeseburgers.

     I went to the hospital on Monday for a bunch of pulmonary tests, so maybe I'll just get some bad news back and not have to make up any decisions at all - just be carefree with my numbered days. It's awful to say, but I've always found so much comfort in my sickness. It's easy to just do what you want and follow your heart when life feels so fleeting. I believe the words my Dr used were " potential AIDS-level pneumonia" and "breathing tubes". This is highly unlikely though.

     Sorry to get all dark on ya' there. The truth is that things have been going pretty well. Already I am looking forward to sitting around at my art table tomorrow and coming up with new ideas. It's almost Friday! I have short classes tomorrow. The world has got to be on my side.
     I hope things have been going well for you. If you did something fun for Valentine's Day, tell me about it in the comments section. Until next time, friends. MAY YOU BE BLESSED WITH HAPPY AND HEALTHY DAYS!


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