1. Clean out your closet.
2. Take a nap.
3. Make a music video with your pet.
4. Paint your nails.
5. Make a present for your neighbor.
6. Carve a statue of your favorite Greek goddess out of butter.
7. Get started on a stash of paper snowflakes for the upcoming winter.
8. Experiment with the microwave.
9. Paint a mural on your ceiling.
10. Roast s'mores over a fire of all the things that have bad memories attached to them.
11. Redecorate your room/apt/home.
12. Buy yourself a brand new outfit. Head to toe.
13. Adopt a cat.
14. Go to a casino.
15. Bake a triple layer cake.
16. Learn some new words.
17. Burn mix CDs for all of your friends.
18. Search for cool free things on craigslist.
19. Recreate the Jurassic Park movies in your backyard.
20. Make a kaleidoscope.
21. Finally figure out how many layers of clothing you can wear at once.
22. Binge watch That's So Raven.
23. Bake a pie with all of the gross food in your kitchen for the neighborhood birds/rodents.
24. Brainstorm ideas for the YouTube channel that will bring you millions.
25. Do a crossword puzzle.
26. Paint your pet's nails.
27. Make a 4-foot tall "get well soon" card for yourself.
28. Paint a portrait of the spirits that live upstairs.
29. Make pancake art.
30. Write a haiku about what's been bothering you lately.
31. Write a haiku about how cool you are.
32. Send your enemies envelopes filled with glitter.
33. Spend $50 on fast food.
34. Join the circus.
35. Write a book.
36. Cut up a bunch of yummy foods and dip them in melted chocolate.
37. Watch your favorite movie backwards.
38. Try contacting really cool dead people.
39. Invest in the stock market.
40. Start making cute Valentine's Day cards for next year.


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