This week has been a great week. For real. Nothing special (or even anything really worth noting) happened, I've just been the happiest I've been in what feels like a long time. Maybe my December just really sucked that much. I've been working through "first breakup" business, and even though if I think about it for too long, it still makes me want to cry, I've gotten really good at not thinking about it. Everything is great again now. ..Though I must admit Valentine's Day has been on my mind a lot lately and I could definitely use a partner in crime. STOP, avoid these thoughts, Elaina Smith. Boys are bad news.

     Maybe the real reason my week was so great was because the whole school week was messed up. I skipped school on Wednesday to do art, we had an early release on Thursday, and today we had a late start. God bless the Minnesota snow. It's been absolutely freezing here, but I will 100% tolerate it if it'll get me out of class.
     Other good things about this week: lots of laughter, only one more week until new classes, making good progress with my art assignments. This week we had to start our 12-piece concentrations in my AP art class, and since the week was all messed up (and also because we are slackers), none of us really got started on anything until today. Our first piece is due Monday. The good news is that I've been working on mine for the last five hours, and even though I don't have a lot done, it's looking really good! This is my second piece I've started this week, and they both are turning out to look pretty decent. Most of the stuff I've made this year has just wound up looking sloppy or was for an assignment I wasn't interested in working on, but I'm really proud of the two pieces that I've started this week. Maybe it's my brightened spirits that are helping me out. Now I've just got to keep my fingers crossed that they'll keep on looking nice as I finish them.
     Even more good news! Tomorrow I get to hang out with my favorite people! I haven't hung out with them in weeks, so I'm pretty pumped about it. Plus I have to keep on working on my art projects all weekend, so seeing their lovely faces will be a much-needed break. I'd be working right now, but it's 1:21 AM, and my body is falling asleep while my brain is on overdrive from all of the caffeine I've consumed. If this post is all garbled and/or spacey, that's why.

      How has your week been, friend? I hope it's been spectacular. (But even if it hasn't been, just remember that it's the weekend now, so at least you've got that on your side!) OH, also, if you have any good movie recommendations, leave them down below! I need things to watch while I'm working. SEE YA LATER, AMIGOS.


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