25 Things To Do This Week

     July is coming to a close, and I feel like I've hit that part of summer where I spend more time in my head than I do in the real world. Ya know.. lost in thought thinking about school starting back up and all the things I'm busy not doing. For that reason, I've come up with this handy dandy little checklist of things to do this week. Even if you're a busy bee and feel quite the opposite, checking off some of these tasks might bring some serenity back into to your week.  Regardless-, I hope you're doing well.

  1. Pet a puppy.
  2. Talk to someone you've been missing.
  3. Compliment a stranger.
  4. Draw something.
  5. Read a book.
  6. Go for a picnic. 
  7. Take yourself on a date.
  8. Paint your nails.
  9. Take a lot of pictures.
  10. Invite someone over for dinner.
  11. Exercise.
  12. Clean your room/workspace.
  13. Take a nap outside.
  14. Treat yourself to a nice lunch.
  15. Watch a really good movie.
  16. Change the sheets on your bed.
  17. Pick someone a bouquet of flowers.
  18. Swing.
  19. Bake something.
  20. Go for a long walk.
  21. Write someone a letter.
  22. Try out a new hair style.
  23. Finish something you've been putting off.
  24. Redecorate.
  25. Watch the sunrise.

Here's to a fabulous week!


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