Here is a list of forty things to do instead of being bored this summer. I'm sure you'll find yourself with at least a couple of days where you're stuck with nothing to do, so save yourself the trouble and bookmark this page for later; share it with your friends. Oh and go ahead and add any of your own awesome ways to avoid boredom in the comments section below.
     (( P.S. I hope you have the greatest summer. ))

1. Download new fonts onto your computer.
2. Make a pizza from scratch.
3. Write a haiku about your favorite food.
4. Make a card for your mom.
5. Host a scary movie party.
6. Come up with some really great band names.
7. Start a band.
8. Follow joggers in your car while blasting "Eye of the Tiger".
9. Run a lemonade stand. ((Make sure you have cute kids with you to draw in customers.))
10. Become an artist.
11. Have a bouquet of flowers delivered to a random hospital room.
12. Leave secret notes in library books.
13. Grab a camera and a stranger off the street and pretend you host a makeover show.
14. Get really dressed up with a group of friends and then go all out at McDonald's.
15. Blindfold someone and see if they can taste the difference between different colored M&M's.
16. Pluck your eyebrows.
17. Become best friends with a herd of stray cats.
18. Sing "Colors of the Wind" really loudly as the sun is setting.
19. Make a zine.
20. Cook a really fancy dinner for all your friends.
21. Memorize some poetry for the future.
22. Write a bestseller.
23. Host a spa day party (including face masks, mani/pedis, and cute desserts).
24. Hang up posters around town.
25. Pick a bouquet of dandelions.
26. Sell some old clothes.
27. Put together a scrapbook for someone you don't know.
28. Record an album.
29. Decorate Easter eggs.
30. Learn how to do something you've always wanted to learn how to do.
31. Have a donut party with all your best friends.
32. Start a club.
33. Find out if Gremlins exist.
34. Have a contest to see who can create the best s'more.
35. Go on a picnic.
36. Enter a bunch of sweepstakes.
37. Experiment with making a new recipe using whatever is in your kitchen.
38. Experiment with making a new recipe using whatever is in someone else's kitchen.
39. Go on a road trip.
40. Start a blog.


  1. love love love this list!! bookmarked it for future reference!!


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