So yesterday was the college visit. As a part of Minnesota Private Schools Week, my mom, Janessa, and I all adventured out of our quiet little town to the bustling Twin Cities to visit MCAD. We only got a little lost, and traffic didn't slow us down that much either. Overall, it was a really great day. I'm not sure if art is what I want to do full time, but if I do decide that that's the way I wanna go, then I definitely think MCAD is the school to be at.
     It's a really small school. Only about 800 people attend, and approximately 25% of the people who apply are admitted, but I know that if I worked really hard at building up a good portfolio this summer, that I could definitely get in. The other downside is the price. Being as it is a both a private school and an art school, the tuition definitely exceeds the other schools I've been looking at. I think that if I could just magically afford this school, that I would want to be there no doubt about it. No one can afford college these days though, right?
     The only downside to yesterday was the drive back. Traffic in Minneapolis is always a joy, and the food I ordered on our drive back was gross. I'm still kind of mad about it to be honest.
     Now I'm sitting in a stairwell trying to use up my school printer ink. As an online student, I was issued a laptop and printer for the year, but today is the day that I finally have to return my precious little instrument. Our home computer is pretty nice, but being as my parents use it, some interesting software has found its way onto it..
     So yeah... I've been sitting here printing things for about the last hour and a half. I'm starting to think I might run out of paper before I run out of ink. I didn't really have anything to print out, so now I'm just printing random drawings I have saved onto my computer. SO HEADS UP, all shop orders over the next few months will be sent out with lots of doodles.

     In other news, I'm thoroughly enjoying the quiet house. My siblings come home tomorrow, and I feel like I should be doing something to celebrate their absence. I think the rest of my day will probably just consist of a Target trip and maybe computer work though.
     I can't believe June is almost over. What have you been up to??


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