So I took my ACT this morning, and I've been sleeping ever since. No wait -- I dyed my hair, and then I slept. It's been super windy and rainy all day, so it was the perfect day to nap in bed. Plus, my mom took my younger siblings out of town to go pick up my cousins, so the house was really quiet. The wind kept waking me up, but even as I drifted in and out of consciousness, everything just seemed perfect. ..It was probably a mixture of the hair dye fumes, waking up too early, and the euphoria I'm feeling over being done with that stupid test. It wasn't that difficult, but time constraints aren't exactly my best friend. I'll let you know how I actually did whenever the results come in.
     The test was held at one of our local universities, and being as my mom was out of town and the campus is only a few blocks away from my house, I walked home. Lol, I totally got lost trying to navigate out of the buildings... I was only detoured by about a block or two though before I found my way, so all in all I'll just write it off as good work out.
     Upon arriving home, I decided I was in the mood to do something drastic.. ya know, release some of the built-up angst. Now my hair is brown. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet.
     Overall, it was a pretty quiet day. I haven't been hanging around at the carnival that much because the weather has been sort of iffy, but Sunday is generally the climax of it all anyway. My cousins are staying with us now, and tomorrow we're going to watch the parade and fireworks. I think they'll be sticking around for the next week or so, so wish me luck as I share my house with three additional rugrats.

     Things to do now that I've gotten the ACT out of the way:
  • make art
  • use up all of my school printer ink
  • plan out my post-high school life
  • work more on the care package shop
  • exercise more


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