Hello, friends. It is Wednesday, and I am standing in my kitchen with a pile of red goop on my head -waiting for my shells and cheese to finish cooking. Fun fact about Elaina Smith: I am a master of all 'mac and cheese'-esque dishes. I know that it's a pretty easy thing to master, but nonetheless, it's good to be a master of at least a few things.

     How has your week been?
     My life has been full of lots of thinking lately. With my last year of high school approaching, it's been a nonstop barrage of "when are you gonna get a job? what do you wanna be? where ya gonna go to school?," and to be honest, I've never been very fond of the college idea. As for getting a job, I totally would if we lived in a more populated area with openings besides assembly line at McDonald's.
 ****brief pause to prepare the shells and cheese****
I have nothing against working at McDonald's, it's just that half of the teenagers in my town already fill those positions. Anyway, I've been thinking about college and what I want to do with my life a lot lately, and it's sort of weighing me down. Have you ever seen Amélie? I want to be Amélie. I don't need a fancy career, or even a fancy life; I'm just gonna run off to France and go on whimsical little adventures in my free time from working as a bartender. Good plan? Good plan.
     In all honesty, I've been considering moving internationally upon graduating high school for quite a long time. I wouldn't mind going to the college in my town, but I want to move, and I feel like if I don't move right out of high school, then it's probably never gonna happen. My original plan was to move to somewhere in the Vancouver region, but I really have no preferences anymore.
     Then again, I'm really not the type of person who moves out of the country... or at least someone who moves out of the country and survives.

     Zoom back down to the very present and we're only three days away from prom. That's kind of crazy. I feel like I've been bringing up prom for weeks now in these Dear Diary posts, but now it's kind of actually happening. Hahah, it'd be helpful if I had my day planned out, but I think I'm probably just going to be floating on the wind with that one too.

     Here's to me and my plan-free life.


  1. I'm going into my junior year and even though I'm homeschooled, I'm getting a lot of those same questions too. It's really frustrating because I kinda know what I want to do, but it's not that easy to tell some of the people who have super high expectations of me. The school I want to go to is in Canada and I feel the same way about moving all the way out there, not sure if I could actually do it and stay there and be okay. So far all I've done to prepare is tell strangers about it and practice my French, lol. Good luck with the job search <3


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