5/5/14    8:49 PM

      Today was a nice day, but I'm kind of feeling that slight sense of regret that grows in the bottom of your stomach when you spend an entire beautiful day doing nothing.. It's making me ponder all the other things in my life that simply aren't happening.

             Elaina Smith needs to:
                     - get a job
                     - get back into art
                     - make more friends
                     - leave the house more often
                     - get her license
                                                    The thing is I don't really want to put in the effort to do any of these things.

             Things Elaina Smith wants to do:
                     - live in a pretty field of flowers and spend all my time taking pictures

     I've started talking about myself in the third person a lot lately (in case you couldn't already tell). It's pretty weird, and I've decided that it's probably because I've grown very distant from my 'best friend' over the last month (; I use to mentally consult him a lot with things but that has now stopped). I'm hoping I'll be able to rekindle lots of friendships with girls from my old school this summer because I really miss them. I have lots of friend crushes on everyone lately to be honest. (((If you want to be my friend, just hit me up.)))

      Today wasn't totally unproductive. I did some baking (blog post coming tomorrow!), worked on blog things, and got some reading done for school. I should probably work harder on getting some school assignments done tomorrow, because it's supposed to be gloomy and gross outside later this week, and I never get anything done when it's gloomy and gross out.

     In other news, I've been having lots of weird dreams lately, but I'm getting better at falling asleep during the appropriate times of the day.
      I saw The Amazing Spiderman 2 this weekend; Dane Dehaan has always been my dream boy.
      What have you been up to lately??
      What important life tasks are you avoiding???


  1. I want to be your frienddddd I literally have no friends except for my dog and I think he's just using me for food and pets :(

    no but for reals dane dahaan always looks like he was just crying and I kind of love it

    1. hahah, I feel that way about my cat sometimes too!

  2. lately i've been obsessing about photography honestly lol. there isn't a day when i see something when i'm camera-less and think "that'd be a good picture" :p
    as for avoiding? well there are several conversations i need to have with myself and other people but i keep putting them off... >.> i don't do well when i have to talk to people about how things are between us

    1. Me too. I'm always wanting to just head off into the sunset with my camera.

      I hope you can get that stuff taken care of; sending lots of luck!

  3. i'm about to start painting my room and doing yoga! yay! but other than that i just stare at my lava lamp and eat alot. Good luck getting in touch with your friends, I'm sure once you take the initiave to talk to them they will be glad to hang out/talk. ur the bomb as always.


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