Just in case you're bored (as I am at this moment), and just in case you needed some help coming up with some things to do, I have come up with a handy little list for you.... Let me know in the comments how you cure your boredom!

1. Rearrange your room.
2. Make a really awesome playlist.
3. Put a walkie talkie in your mailbox and scream at everyone who walks past.
4. Read The Miseducation of Cameron Post.
5. Try to do a handstand.
6. Dress up in the fanciest clothes you have and have a feast with all your friends at McDonald's.
7. Invite some friends over.
8. Go for a walk.
9. Leave your best friend some really weird voice mails (ex: clips from a favorite movie, love songs..).
10. Break into a friend's house and clean it.
11. Go to the grocery store, gather some yummy things, and try and make a really interesting new recipe.
12. Wash your face.
13. Throw a Second Halloween party.
14. Ask someone to prom. 
15. Go through your closet and donate all the clothes that you've outgrown.
16. Call a random number and ask them about their day.
17. Go out for ice cream.
18. Spin until you're dizzy.
19. Tie a cute balloon to your neighbor's front door.
20. Write me a letter.
21. Dye your hair a crazy color.
22. Lie down, put on the album Veckatimest, and just take some deep breaths.
23. Try a DIY hair mask.
24. Blow some bubbles.
25. Have a contest with a friend to see who can fit the most gummy worms in their mouth.
26. Make a grilled cheese.
27. Take a sharpie and write little words on things around town.
28. Go camping.
29. Make some hot chocolate.
30. Try contacting aliens.
31. Start a blog.


  1. I will try this when i get bored! but I always do the number 1 haha im a neat freak

  2. No. 9 might just be my favourite.

  3. Haha great ideas. I especially love #30.

  4. im gonna try to do a handstand and then write you a letter about how it goes. im wearing a dress omg

  5. Haha these are really fun things, more things to do when I be with nothing to do. I'm loving your blog by the way.


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