Well folks, I'm here today with the last collection of cheap prom dresses. I feel like a lot of people have pretty much purchased their dresses by now, so I wasn't sure if I'd even post this, but I thought I might as well if I spent all the time finding these links, heheh. Let me know if you found this helpful! I sorted the dresses by color this time, and they're all long dresses! Still from a wide variety of styles though. Be sure to share this post (as well as the previous two) if you know anyone who is in a bit of a pinch this prom season, and certainly send me pictures of your dresses if you have already found the perfect one! I'd love to see them!

   Light Colors
Bright Colors

Dark Colors
Navy Dress with Lace Details - $73.66
Black Sleeveless Dress with Draped Back - $36.90
Black Halter Dress - $56.90
Black Full Sequin Strapless Dress - $99.00
Black Full Sequin Sleeveless Dress - $79.00

For cute shorter prom styles, I'd suggest checking out Chic Wish. They have a 15% off site wide discount going on right now too!


  1. hI fRIENDS, Today I m here with the trendy and beautiful collection of Cheap Prom Dresses. I feel that there are lot of people online who looking for best, trendy and cheap Designer Bridal Dresses, Short Wedding Dresses, and Wedding Party Dresses. if you have already found the perfect one! I'd love to see them!

  2. some of these are soooo pretty!


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