10:47 AM   3/25/14

     It's sunny again, and maybe that's what's leading me to write this post... No, I'm definitely writing this out of procrastination. Though the sun is very nice. YESTERDAY WE HAD A FRICKIN MINI SNOW STORM. UGh, just ridiculous I tell ya. I think the accumulated snow has pretty much all melted by now though, so all is well.

     Today I have to take a hard (but not really hard) geography test, and this is me putting it off. Fun fact: in online school, the way they test us is basically you click this button and then you have 60 minutes to answer about 40 multiple choice questions. Some teachers throw in a written portion too, but those usually aren't timed. I've already completed the written portion, but I'm dreading the multiple choice part. The geography questions are always worded so poorly, and I feel like this (as in geography) is the kind of stuff I just don't pick up on. Do you have a subject like that? Or maybe you just feel that way in some units? We're in a really interesting unit in pre-calc right now, and I am s tr ug glin g. Usually I grasp math concepts pretty well, but this unit is just one big pile of hell nope. ((Side note: I like to include as much of my teenage voice as possible when writing these posts.)) I'm sort of in the mood to just shut my laptop and walk to McDonald's, pick up a few mcchickens, and go see The Grand Budapest Hotel by myself. ... Hold up.. I actually was going to do this. It's all coming back to me now. They're just not showing it at our theater anymore.
     Sometimes I just press the little button so that I'm forced to take the multiple-choice exams and get it over with. I think I'd probably be doing that right now, but I need all the time I can get on this one, and I have a science class I need to attend at 11.

Other things to do today: 
- make a birthday list
- make a list of movies to watch
- work on art stuff
- make some "bowl de carcinoma" for dinner 

(a daily occurrence in the Smith household)
((I think I should depict myself as one of these skeleton characters more often))

     How was your weekend?
     I'm on this new medication, and for the first week, I wasn't sleeping at all. Then this weekend struck and literally all I did was sleep. Like literally. We went out for brunch on Saturday morning, but then I napped and napped and napped and napped. Oh and I had a cute boy dream. That's how I classify them. They're these nasty little variety of dreams where some cute boy plays with your hair or holds your hand or blah blah blah... basically the ones where you wake up and you're now in love with someone you definitely weren't in love with before. This is my love life basically --dream induced, short-lived crushes(/waves of hysteria). As you can tell, I deal with these emotions well.

     Aside from the brief boy induced calamity of which I have pretty much overcome at this point, my week has been going pretty well. I feel full of ideas, and I think that's always a welcome feeling. I'm also having friends over on Friday, and I think having things to look forward to keeps me in a positive mood. Something I'm really excited for is an art project I'm planning out right now. .. It's going to be very collaborative, and I hope you'll all participate! I'll be back with more info on it soon, I just have to get together some last details.
     In the mean time, I hope you're all having a great week. THE SUN SHINES FOR YOU, STAR SPRINKLES!! Don't forget to enter the giveaway (it's ending soooon!) and have a donut for me today, okay? Good. Au revoir!



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