9:31 AM  3/21/14

     Oh ya know.. just some pictures of me being casual as heck. Gotta keep the selfies up to date, right? lol. Anyways, I was more so motivated to take these pictures because of how frickin bright it has been! **squeals of excitement** It's not quite warm here yet, and I would certainly not be wearing this outside, but I was just in such a nice mood with all the sun. In fact, I've come to the conclusion that my general mood directly correlates with the weather. While I do really love the rain, the cloudy days we have had lately had me feeling a bit sluggish. But now it's spring, and summer is just around the corner! I might be getting a bit ahead of myself here, but needless to say, I am ready for school to be o v e r.

    Yesterday was my brother's birthday, so we all had taco pizza for dinner, and it was definitely the highlight of my week. Or maybe it was waking up this morning and seeing that there was still pizza in the fridge. There's never pizza left by the time I get down stairs. AND UGH, there were donuts too! In case you couldn't tell, my one true love is food.

     Well now it's Friday.
     I am in such a good mood just because of that simple statement. The sky is already clouding over, and I couldn't be bothered. I even have a whole ton of really difficult math and writing to get done today, but it's Friday. What's up with me lately? Idk. Oh yeah, spring. Got it.     

     I need to dye my hair soon, but I don't know what color. I was planning on taking my hair back to brown within the next week or so, but now I've gone and bought a black prom dress and it makes me want to have crazy colored hair. I'm not sure if I want to keep it up for another two months though, ya know? I suppose I should just wait for my dress to get here and see if that helps with the decision. 
     Also, my birthday is coming up, and usually I hate birthdays, but I think this year's might actually be a bit fun. I just enjoy my friends too much.
     Oh and I think my grandparents are coming into town tonight. Hmmmm... that should be interesting.

     How was your week? Did you stay inside for the whole damn thing like I did? Perhaps you have big plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments! As always, I hope your week was just wonderful, but here's to an even better weekend! HAPPY SPRING, EVERYONE!


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