This is a list of things for you to do this week. I've given you a week because I'm a generous and considerate person. 37 things isn't a lot to accomplish in a week and I have lots of faith in you, lil flower. Print this list out, cross things off, and get back to me when you've finished.

1. Plan out the week; make some to-do lists.
2. Go somewhere fun by yourself.
3. Exercise.
4. Write positive notes to strangers on dollar bills. (shh, I know it's not legal)
5. Treat yourself to a smoothie.
6. Spend ten minutes away from everything and just take deep breaths.
7. Recommend me some music/movies (here).
8. Spend a night pampering yourself; try a hair mask, run a bubble bath.
9. Visit the library (& leave a little uplifting letter for a stranger to find in a book).
10. Have a movie night.
11. Clean your room.
12. Make a really great playlist.
13. Bake some snickerdoodles.
14. Go for a walk.
15. Practice something you've been wanting to be better at.
16. Wear something you've been afraid to wear; pull it out of the back of your closet and prepare to look wonderful as heck.
17. Call someone to remind them you love them.
18. Listen to new music.
19. Watch the sunrise.
20. Get rid of some old clothes/declutter your space for summer.
21. Finish a book.
22. Compliment a stranger.
23. Write a letter to someone (better yet, send one to me).
24. Go for another walk.
25. Invite friends over.
26. Draw something.
27. Turn your music all the way up and have a dance party.
28. Take some pictures; capture the precious moments (and all the other ones too).
29. Write about all the dreams you have.
30. Go out for ice cream.
31. Finish a book.
32. Try something new with your hair.
33. Make yourself a really nice dinner.
34. Try meditating before bed.
35. Make some plans for next week.
36. Sleep in.
37. Finish this list.


  1. I might just do this. ugh I need a penpal I don't have anyone to send letters to.

  2. hey buddy, back off. shes my pen pal. *hisses*

  3. Very, very excited to do this. Words cannot express my love for lists,


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