Dear Diary

Dear Diary
2/23/14  11:49 AM

     Hello, friends. I'm here to write to you about my life because I have no idea what else to post about. I have a few Cute Etsy Finds ready to be posted, but I just put one up so I think I'll give it awhile. This weekend has just been very weird for me. Usually I feel super productive on the weekends, but I feel like the only way to describe how I've felt these last two days is "empty". I'm not even sad or dreary at all, I just have no emotions or desire to really do anything. It's really bothering me because I can't put a source on this either. I think I might just be ready for spring. Or maybe any sort of change. It's just been so bright outside, but it's freezing and icy everywhere, and I want to go on long walks, but I can't. I've been in the mood to do something new with my hair too. Like I haven't been feeling very cute lately, and I don't go to school so I'd have the time to do something drastic and be fine with the awkward in between phases, but I don't think I really want to dye my hair. I was thinking maybe a light purple/pink or silvery workup- I kind of just want to look like an angel-, but light hair has never looked that good on me. I suppose it would work out well with all the white prom dresses I've been finding though.
     And that's another thing: prom dresses. I thought I had found a bunch of great ones, but now they just seem kind of blah. I mean I know that it really doesn't matter, but I guess I should get to have something pretty great if I'm going to spend that kind of money on it. And then there's the debate as to if I just want to buy something black and classic and plain and sexy or if I want something lacey and white and frilly and agh. What do you think? Should I go for sexy mystery girl or snow princess??

     I think maybe part of my problem is that nothing's really happening in my life for the next month or so. Like once April roles around, there's my birthday and then two of my great friends' birthdays and then prom! This week I'm supposed to go to a talent show, but it's already been canceled twice and it's on a Thursday, so there's really not much excitement built up for it. I'm trying to build up excitement by telling my brother that I'll take us out for tacos afterwards. Tacos are good at least. And I might have plans for this upcoming weekend, but nothing's really been planned out yet. I guess this just means I need to make exciting things happen in my life. What sort of business-y blog moves can I work out for March?? I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, but I think I'll really try and get a giveaway set up once that's out of the way. OH and I have fun boxes with care package supplies coming in on Tuesday, so that will be fun!!

     And in other news, my grilled cheese addiction is in full swing again. Last year I went through this phase where I sort of lived off of grilled cheese sandwiches for about a month, and I think I am about to relive this time of my life. They're just so frickin good. I've started to put more stuff on them, so I'm not even sure if they still qualify as grilled cheeses, but my life is slowly starting to rotate around lunch and dinner time.
     Oh and this week we had a nice little blizzard in town so everybody got Thursday and Friday off of school (except for me of course, because online schooling isn't really affected by the weather). It was really funny because they sent out the notice that Thursday would be canceled really early on Wednesday night., so everyone was super prepared for inches of snow when we woke up the next morning, and then it didn't even start to snow until Thursday night. Like even the two universities in my town had canceled their classes. That's just good ol' Minnesnowta for ya.

     Alright guys, so tell me whats what. What do you think about the hair, the dresses, and if you could just plan out my life, that would be nice too. Heheh, I think I have some nice ideas for a few posts now, but I'd really love if you left me some input in the comments. I love hearing back from you guys!! Let me know if you have exciting plans coming up or if you're just willing yourself to move on with the promise of tacos as I am. We're all in this together, ladies.


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