Dear Diary
2/16/14   8:16 PM

     HELLO, FOLKS. How has your week been? Mine was pretty good. I've really been enjoying this weekend. My house has been so quiet in the mornings, and I've just been able to roll over and go back to sleep. Ahhh, it's really the greatest. I wake up feeling like a FLOWER BLOOMING IN THE SPRING. Unfortunately, it is still very cold and very snowy here. I think it's supposed to warm up for a little bit this week. Maybe I'll go for a walk.
     I feel like nothing happened this week, but it was actually pretty jam-packed compared to my normal weeks. For one, I started selling care packages in my shop! AND THEN I STOPPED CAUSE THEY SOLD OUT! What?! Then I spent a lot of time looking at prom dresses because I've decided I'm going to prom even though I don't go to a schooly-school anymore. My friends said they'll take me so it's going to be great. Will you help me pick out a dress? I found a couple cute ones, but I'm not sure what I really want out of my prom dress yet. I'm sort of tempted to buy a giant fluffy one so I can wear it around my house all the time and be a princess.
     Then there was Valentine's Day. My mom bought me two tacos in the shape of a heart; it was great. I think my best friend might have tried to profess his love to me, but I ignored it.
     Then today I cut out some stickers and worked on a drawing. Oh and I worked on some gifts for my galentine. My friends and I are having a galentine's party tomorrow, and I am so pumped. I love them so much. I just went out for dinner with them, and it was the greatest. I really needed that. We all bought stuffed animals, because of course the Easter stuff is all out now too.
     Now I'm eating my leftover chicken strips and typing while my mom watches her 12th episode of CSI of the day. Life is great.


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