Dear Diary,
2/8/14  7:48 PM

     Today was Saturday fun day, which basically means we went out of town on a little adventure. We stopped at this little place for breakfast, and I had the best frickin bacon cheeseburger ever. I'm not much of a breakfast person, so I usually don't like going out with my parents on their Saturday run about town, but oh sweet jesus. Cheap glorious burgers that don't upset my stomach that can also be ordered at 9:45 am? Yes please.
     The next stop was Dave's Guitar Shop. It's actually a world-renowned guitar store, but the best part is definitely all the cute indie rocker boys who work there. It's not too bad waiting around for an hour and a half while my dad jams out when there's all those cuties around. Then we went to Michael's and Hobby Lobby and I picked up a bunch of fine point pens, some new paper, and supplies to make pins! Tomorrow I might try working on a few for the shop (Did I mention I opened a shop??), but I think my focus is going to be on designing some stickers!
     So yeah, I opened a shop! It's nothing big yet, but I'm hoping to get more stuff added to it soon. I think I might add some old clothes, but I'm also working on this care package idea. I wish I could just send out boxes of fun to everybody. I just really need a career that involves writing cute letters and covering boxes in stickers. 
     Other than that, there's not much to add in about my life lately. I was supposed to go see my friend's band perform yesterday, but I think it's been moved back a few weekends. I started school finally this week, but that's not much either. I really want to kick myself for taking Honors American Lit when I know I'm never going to do any of the reading, but I'm hoping that maybe it's at least saving me from a bunch of little assignments that could with the normal class. Also, I've become a list person lately. I think it's because I like writing.
     What have you been up to? Oh, and leave me some Netflix tv show suggestions! I haven't watched anything since I finished Dexter a week ago, but I think I'm ready to move on.


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