Dear Diary,
1:18 PM   1/5/14

     I was just about to start this off with a "good morning", but it's one in the afternoon now. The days seem to be going a lot faster now that school is coming up again. I'm so happy we have tomorrow off; maybe I'll pull an all nighter tonight and try and accomplish some stuff while I still have the chance to. Right now I'm working on another playlist while waiting for my lunch to cool down. Anne made cheesy chicken and rice, and that's all I could ever really ask for.

     Yesterday I went out of town so that my mom could take me to Michael's (an art/crafts store). There were so many deals, ugh. I think I walked out with about $200 worth of stuff. I started working on a big drawing last night, but I think I might switch over to using some watercolors today. Then again, I've been wanting to take some pictures lately too. I have dye on my head right now though, so who knows when that will happen.
     In other news, I've also bought a lot of clothes recently. I have box coming from Modcloth and  Forever 21, and I am anticipating their arrivals. I'll probably be broke until my birthday now, but the urge to spend my Christmas money was really growing on me.

     My concussion is doing better- thank god. I thought my brain was going to explode for awhile there. Oh and I had this really hard art project to work on over break, and it actually came out looking pretty awesome! I might be switching back to online school soon so I guess it really wouldn't have mattered though anyway. I really feel like I'm going to go crazy back at school now that I know I have the option to switch out so spontaneously. I should probably do something ridiculous so I can go out with a bang.. but what? Any suggestions. Maybe I'll just kiss a bunch of boys and disappear. (IT'S A GOOD DAY FOR BREAKING HEARTS. BWAHAHAH)


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