12/26/13 11:38 AM

     Boy oh boy has it been an odd week. On top of all the Christmas commotion, there's lots of birthdays happening around this time of the year in my family, and I was almost admitted to the hospital on Christmas Eve! I went to the doctor's office on Tuesday for a problem I've had since I was little and apparently it's gotten pretty bad, but no worries. All is well.
     Tomorrow I'm going shopping with my grandma and mom and that will probably be the highlight of my week. Christmas doesn't make much of an impact on me anymore. I would be fine if we skipped the presents and just treated it like another Wednesday to be honest. Needless to say, I am still grateful for the gifts I got. My favorite of my presents would be all the new fancy pens. Once I finish this post I plan to go pop in a movie and test them out. I suppose you could say I appreciate Christmas break far more than Christmas. I'm grateful for the sleep and free time- that's for sure.
     How has your holiday season been? Regardless of if you participate in the holiday or not, I hope you're getting some good rest and deserved free time too!!!


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