Dear Diary,
11:28 AM  12/14/13

     Good morning, folks. Are you feeling the Christmas vibes yet? I'm not. I still have a week left at school, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to accomplish anything at all. Even though Christmas doesn't feel super close yet, I can certainly feel the luxurious break from school coming up. I've also taken a liking to just staring at boys all day, so that might also cause some problems, lol. There's this cute boy who sits behind me in my art class, and there's one in my grammar and composition class, and I've just really got some serious boy fever, guys. Idek.

     TOMORROW I'M HAVING A GIRL PARTY AT MY HOUSE, and if you can't tell, I'm pretty excited about it. We're going to decorate Christmas cookies/give out our secret santa gifts/eat pizza. Could it get any better?
     On a not as pleasant note, we had to put down one of my cats today. It really hasn't hit me yet. I'm not sure if it will.

     I've been eating a lot of those little oranges (Cutie's) lately. It's weird that they're always so much more prevalent in this town in the winter. I feel like I'm just typing to type at this point. I'm waiting to go out with my mom, but my dad has the car right now. Fingers crossed that she'll let us go out for lunch while we're on this shopping trip (-I mean it's really the only reason I ever want to go shopping on a Saturday morning when I have yet to brush my hair).

     Anyways, let me know how your week went. Are you ready for the holiday festivities? Also, what's your favorite movie? I'm in need of some good recommendations. 




  1. PULP FICTION is the best movie if you havn't seen it already. i don't feel the Christmas vibes yet either because we still have halloween decorations up.


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