Dear Diary

 Dear Diary,
11/26/13  10:39 AM

    Hola, amigos. I am writing to tell you about how slowly my day is passing by. We have really long classes at school this week being as they are supposed to give us plenty of time to take our finals, but I already had all of my finals last week. Basically, I have been sitting in the English typing lab with my class of eight for the last 80 minutes working on future blog posts instead of working on my essay. I'm so hungry. I do not think it will be possible to focus on anything until I get some food in my system. The cool part about this is that I think everyone is in the same boat, and by typing up this post, I sound very productive in comparison. **CLICK CLACK [INSERT MORE KEYBOARD SOUNDS]**.
     I have about twenty more minutes left in this class, and then I get to sit in my grumpy art teacher's room for the rest of the day. Fingers crossed that it goes by relatively quickly.

     LIFE UPDATE: If you read my last post you may remember that I said that I felt like I was getting the flu. Well I have now decided that it's probably a strep infection. My throat is killing me, and I have been really lacking on my intake of sleep lately. On the plus side, I wore a giant sweater to school today and didn't put on any makeup and these were definitely fabulous choices.
     With actually being sick now, I think my plan to stay home this week will probably be pretty easy to pull off. Unfortunately, my dad has also decided to stay home for two of the four days. I've been debating if maybe I should just go and eat some yummy food, but I really had a lot of plans to be productive while I had the house to myself. I guess only time will tell how this unfolds!


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