Dear Diary,
11/23/13 11:14 AM

     Hey, friends! Sorry that I haven't been posting a lot lately. It's been my finals week here at school and everything has been super hectic, but now it's Saturday and I just feel great! I feel like I'm on winter break (even though that's still a month away). It's nice having finished all of my big projects. One of my big things I had to turn in yesterday was this giant 5x5 foot drawing I did in pen. I've been working on it for the last week, and I'm so glad it's done. My art teacher thinks I have a lot of talent and that's always great to hear.
     What else is there to talk about?... OH. I have this plan to fake sick for my Thanksgiving break so I can stay home and have a nice weekend to myself. I want to work on a lot of blog stuff and maybe start work on some Christmas gifts. We usually go to my aunt's house for the weekend, but I think some time to myself would be very helpful. The best/worst part of this is that I actually feel like I'm getting the flu. Maybe all of my planned out acts to convince my mom won't be so necessary..
     How has your life been lately? Any new puppies or boys or favorite foods??? Also, what kind of posts should I work on over my Thanksgiving break next week?
     I hope all is going well and that you're having a fabulous weekend too! - E


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