Fall Staples Under $40

     I've been feeling like The Loser's Guide to Life has been lacking a certain aspect of fashion lately, my central reason for starting this blog, and so I decided to make one of these little clothing collages. All of these pieces are under $36, and I would definitely wear any of them. Let me know which piece is your favorite! My top picks would definitely be the striped shirt and infinity scarves.

lip gloss / nail polish / purse / black dress
gray dress / gray scarf / red scarf / nail polish / pink beanie
gray shirt / striped shirt / wallet / nail polish / earrings
gray beanie / eye liner / red dress / nail polish


  1. Wah, this is really helpful! I love your nail polish choices and the scarves. Those earrings are absolutely adorable as well. :)

  2. Such a good collection of things, I want them all, haha. :)


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