Dear Diary, 
10/29/13  6:55 PM

     This week has been going by very slowly. Anyone feeling the same? Also, it's super dark out and it's only 6:43. What's up with that? I'm feeling pretty good about today though. Maybe it's just because I ate some waffle fries, but why diminish these happy feelings?
     First off, this cute kid in my art class and I talked for the whole hour. It was very nice. Then towards the end of my school day I have a class with my dear friend Summer, which is always a joy. Today we both found out that one of our art projects will be in an art show at the end of the school year! I'm mostly just excited because my teacher told me that there will be free cookies at this event. Another awesome part of my day was getting 30/30 on my really hard grammar quiz. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who didn't get any points taken off. It's probably because my brain has started to analyze every single sentence I see and pick it apart. Just trying to type this post is a struggle. 
     I think I might be going to a Halloween party this weekend too! Do you have any fun Halloween plans? 


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