Dear Diary

                                                              10:44 AM  10/13/13

     CONFLICTED FEELINGS: it's what's for breakfast!
     It's Sunday morning, and I have been very.... I guess the word I'm looking for is "conflicted". I have been feeling very conflicted lately. Weekends suck because then you have time to think about things, and thinking too much just makes everything a mess. You know? No, you probably don't. This paragraph literally makes no sense at all.

     On a side note, I started a new painting this Friday for a school project, and I was hoping to have it finished before Monday, but it's definitely not going to be finished before Monday, and I do not have the capacity to actually accomplish things during the school day. But my painting is looking pretty nice thus far, and that's pretty cool. Also, my parents have left me home alone because apparently I'm not allowed to go to my grandma's birthday brunch, so I think I'm really just going to live it up while they're gone (and by live it up I mean make mac and cheese for breakfast and torrent AHS).

     Oh and I was just browsing the Forever 21 site and I'm sort of in love with shirt. Just FYI.

     Things I've discovered this week:

  • While getting my usual food supplies for the week, I noticed that waffle fries were on sale, and I decided to get them as opposed to my regular bag of tater tots; BEST DECISION EVER. 
  • My Grammar & Comp. teacher is crazy. 
  • I really need to invest in some puppies. 

     WANNA KNOW SOMETHING COOL?! I have Thursday and Friday off of school this week! I'M SO PUMPED. I'm not super pumped to be babysitting the entire time, but I think it will probably trump being in math. Hopefully I'll get some tacos out of it.

     How was your week?


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