Dear Diary

October 4th  7:12 PM

     Today was pretty great ( minus the minor pit growing in my stomach ). I stayed home from school today (hence the pit), and it was super rainy and wonderful outside. Even right now the weather is still so perfect. I ate a lot of toast and tater tots, and for dinner, we just had some spaghetti.
     For the last few hours, I have been experimenting with watercolors. Our next project in one of my classes is to work in the style of a famous artist, and while I haven't started on that yet, I did find a lot of really inspiring pieces while looking for source material. I've been feeling very artsy ever since school started back up, but I haven't been super happy with anything I've made. I think my problem is deadlines. I hate rushing on something because I know I'm supposed to have it turned in on Friday. I guess that's life though!
     I think I'm probably going to go watch some Netflix now, but I'd love to hear how your day/week went! Leave a response in the comments down below if you have anything exciting (or even quite boring) to share.


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