Dear Diary

                September 6th  10:12 PM

     Thank god it is Friday, my friends; I am exhausted. I don't know how many of you know this, but I'm kind of sick. ..Like the kind of sick where you have to take classes online for a year and ditch all your friends. Well that's how my life went last year, but I was tired of the social separation and decided to return to my local public school for my junior year. School started up on Wednesday, and I feel like I have been moving non-stop since it began. My legs are killing me, I think I might be getting the flu, and my voice is almost entirely gone. Overall though, I am so happy to be back. I feel like I've already been through a month of classes, and I hardly know anyone in the school anymore, but it's great getting out of the house. I think I might just be a little stricken by getting to see cute boys and my best friends everyday but oh well. There is nothing else really enjoyable about school anyways. I feel like if I go to sleep I might never wake up, but I also feel like this post is too short to end right now. Want to hear about my school life?

     Elaina's Handy Little Schedule
  1. Challenge Pre-Calculus
  2. Junior Studio
  3. Challenge Grammar & Composition
  4. Yearbook
  5. Photography as Art

     As you can see, my schedule is pretty great. I only have two real classes so it's a great way to easily transition back into the bustling school life. The only problem is that those two classes are super frickin difficult! We took a grammar pre-test today, and I knew absolutely nothing. Junior Studio is by far my favorite class. We basically just get free time to make art. Plus the people in my class are enjoyable (and cute). 
     My classes are pretty decent overall, but being back in the school is so weird. I really only recognize the people in my grade, and it seems like there's a million people packed in the building. Oh and my locker is located in the middle of nowhere.
     Hopefully I can get back into a regular posting pattern soon. I promise I won't forget about you while i'm out in the real world beyond my computer. but for now, I MUST SLEEP. Thanks for listening 


  1. aw i'm so jealous of your schedule. i didn't have cool classes like that in highschool.. i hope you feel better!


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