Book Club: Week Nine

     "They promised Meredith nine years of safety, but only gave her three. Her father was supposed to be locked up until Meredith turned eighteen. She thought she had time to grow up, get out, and start a new life. But Meredith is only fifteen, and today her father is coming home from prison. Today her time has run out."
     This book addresses the very sad and heartbreaking topic of child molestation, and it scared me just reading the book. I feel almost broken, but I think Laura Wiess did a very good job at writing about the topic. It's a well written book, but certainly one with a very sensitive topic.
     How did you react while reading this book? I don't even know how to write about it. I felt like I was walking beside Meredith, and this isn't one of those books where you long to be a part of the story. I think the ending rounded it out rather well though. Like goodness gracious, the ending where you realize that Andy isn't leaving her and he's tall and walking: such a happy moment. Aside from that, the rest of the story is pretty gruesome. I wish Meredith didn't have to deal with her father in the way that he did. I wish the justice system would've taken care of him, and I think that fact that they didn't brings some serious awareness to the flaws in our government's set up. UGH, and her mom! That woman made me want to scream. I would lose any shred of sanity if I had to deal with her blatant ignorance to the situation. I was glad that she got arrested, and I was glad that her father was paralyzed. Lol, is that awful? Nah. It's karma. Anyways, how did these scenes make you feel? Did you think the way the author addressed this pressing topic was well done? Were you able to put the book down once you realized the inevitable ending?
     Through the gruesome topic this book addresses, ultimately a story of empowerment is told. Overall, I rate this book 4 roses out of 4 roses. I wasn't able to put it down, and I read the entire thing in a day. It brings light to an serious issue, and I think it's an important book to read with a wonderful ending.

What did you think of this week's book?
Week Ten:
Notes from the Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick


  1. I've been looking for a new book and this sounds absolutely perfect! <3

  2. I got this out at the library with a whole bunch of other books to read over summer, we get til mid September in england but I've only just started! I'm hooked already so I'll let you know. Thanks for the recommendations <3

  3. This sounds like just the type of book I would read. Time to add yet another book to my extensive list of "To Read" ♡

  4. This book sounds really interesting....I'll have to pick it up sometime! I could use anew book. :D ♡

  5. Your tastes in books never fails to amaze me, a+


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