Dumb Stuff?

     I have this knack for remembering the dumbest facts ever. I've made one of these posts before, but here in the wake of my mild teenage insomnia, I bring to you some more random knowledge. Maybe when you're on Jeopardy someday, having read this post will benefit you.

- Your chances of dying in the bathtub are one in a million. 
- The film Lilo and Stitch had a budget of $80 million.
- Dragonflies have an average lifespan of 24 hours. 
- The average lifespan of a squirrel is 9 years. 
- There are more chickens than humans on planet Earth (I can not attest for Neptune however). 
- Humans eat an average of 35,000 cookies in a lifespan. 
- Dentophobia is the fear of dentists (and we all have it). 
- Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of going to school (check that one too). 
- The tacos from Taco Bell are about 3x healthier than their burritos. 
- Forever 21 is 29 years old.
- 258 Statues of Liberty could fit inside the Mall of America. 


  1. is it weird that i like going to the dentists omg

  2. Your not alone inn the knack of remembering random facts. It runs in my family and I often just burst out with a random fact and my friends stare at me like "what just happened...?"

  3. The Taco Bell fact is kind of frightening, since their tacos aren't even close to being healthy. The thought of them being 3x healthier than their burritos makes me shudder <3

  4. That's actually so sad about the dragonflies though.

  5. I bet I'll eat a LOT more than 35,000 cookies in my lifetime! <3

  6. I love reading stuff like this <3

  7. I'm starting to get Didaskaleinophobia..... one more day. <3


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