How to Have Fun

- Eat tacos.
- Buy things online while you are very sleepy or drugged up on cough syrup. You will forget all about it, and life will be so great when that box comes to your door. It's practically Christmas every time!
- Put blue hair dye in your sister's conditioner. 
- Send an envelope full of glitter to all your enemies.
- Write nice things on balloons and then tie them to the front door's of your neighbor's houses.
- Start a new religion!
- Write a song about how much you love that celebrity man that's way older than you and entirely unachievable. It's not weird.
- Get free things off the internet.
- Eat curly fries.
- Call up all your friends and hang out at the dollar store.

I hope this informative guide was helpful. Stay tuned for more useful tips.


  1. Definitely some of the most fun things <3

  2. Also try filling water balloons with water/glitter. Very fun <3

  3. I wish I had my enemies' addresses. Maybe I'll just give envelopes full of glitter to everyone!! <3

  4. Curly fries, tacos, the dollar store?! Sold. <3

  5. This was honestly the cutest thing and totally put a smile on my face <3

  6. Hahaha so cute and funny c:
    that make me smile
    have a cute day <3

  7. aw i liked the balloon one
    but how do you just get free things on the internet??

  8. Saving this list for my down time. ♥


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