Behind The Scenes

     I always get a lot of questions about what camera I use to take my pictures, and how I edit them, and where I get my inspiration, so here for you today is this all informative behind the scenes post about my blog.

     I had to thoroughly research what kind of camera I use before I started this post. To put it simply, I know nothing about editing or photography. I just like to think I have a "good eye", whatever that means. The camera I use is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55, and I edit all my pictures through the online editor, Pixlr. (I use the express option.) I take all the pictures myself using a ten second timer (, though I'm hoping I can get my photographer friend to bring a little bit of expertise to my photosets in the near future). On my iPod I like to edit my pictures with Afterglow. On a side note, I totally cheat with my instagram. Almost all of my pictures were taken on my camera and then emailed to my iPod. Quality over quantity applies to this situation perfectly.

     (In terms of my fashion centered posts:) I'm very picky with my clothing collage posts (example), and they usually take me hours to make. Plus I've only posted about half of them. Sometimes I feel like I'm just trying to fill up space, but I want those posts to be reflections of what I would actually wear! For the most part, I use Polyvore to seek out garments for those posts. It's also a very helpful website if you're ever just shopping for something specific. It's very easy to sort clothes into a price, color, or pattern category! I use polyvore mostly because of the white backgrounds on all the clothing. I see this as a must when constructing my collages. Browsing through the site also tends to give me a lot of inspiration for posts.
     Now if you're asking about my own sense of style, I don't really ever use a specific source of inspiration when picking out outfits. I just try to put clothes together in a nice looking combination. I attempt to balance colors and proportions while also thinking about the weather and tasks at hand for the day. I tend to dress rather "fancy", wearing dresses and skirts to school on a daily basis, but the truth is that it's just what I feel most comfortable in. Wear what makes you happy! If you'd rather be wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, then I congratulate you for wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. Besides, all girls are beautiful and sexy regardless of what they choose to wear.

     After writing a post, the final finishing touches are all the titles, dividers, and pixels. Some posts don't include any of those details, but most of them at least include titles in fancy, frilly fonts. To make said titles, I type out the text on my laptop's Paint program and save it as a picture. I then upload it to the post! To add a touch of wonder to the titles, I download lots of fancy fonts from DaFont. I find most of the dividers (little flowers/hearts at the end of posts) and pixels (things like this: image ) on tumblr. From there, I reread the post to make sure it makes at least a little sense, and then click the publish button!

If you have any questions I forgot to answer, leave them in the comments below! 
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  1. I think your style is great! and thanks for the link to polyvore <3

  2. I recently made a new blog, and am still trying to get the hang of layout and everything ahhh

  3. commenting for your give away bby :) its kerstin!

  4. commenting for your give away bby :) its kerstin!

  5. Hmmm I was thinking of getting a better camera. I'll look into that one!

  6. Your blog style is lovely! I recently started a blog after getting pestered by my tumbr followrs to post recipes for the food I sometimes posted so I have started a blog aimed at teens/ students to show them super food can be amazing and affordable! if you wanna check it out :-)

  7. That's neat! The "good eye" thing is kinda what I go on as well haha xD

  8. Ooh have that camera it's very nice.

  9. Commenting for your giveaway, love (:
    I love your blog style, by the way! Im also into photography as well, I love doing nature shots.
    Have a nice day xx

  10. i'm

  11. I love your blog!! You're the one who inspired me to start a blog!! xx


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