Imagine that you are only allowed to purchase your clothes from one store/site. You need a store that sells all of the clothes you will need, but you also want to choose something that caters to your sense of style. If I had to have a wardrobe entirely from one clothing company, it would be Nasty Gal
     Nasty Gal is one of my favorite places to just drool over perfect clothes. Their dresses are stunning, but they can also fit into a reasonable budget. One reason I like their store so much is because though their clothes are all very bad ass, they all still have a beautiful femininity. Simply put, their clothes will make you look flawless. Here are some of my favorite pieces. 



  1. Those are wonderful pieces, especially that sneakers. :D

  2. They are really cool :) (natashaapear)

  3. I love the circle skirts! I am dying to get my hands on a light-wash denim skirt like the light blue one!

  4. I really freaking love this! (rubbedtherightway)

  5. i love their stuff (esp all their different leggings!). that last black dress is super cute.
    they can be pretty expensive though for some of their stuff (80+ for one pair of leggings...)
    -alice (prado-red)

    1. There stuff can be quite expensive, too spendy for my budget for sure, but ugh some of it is just so perfect.

  6. NastyGal is literally perfection

  7. Love those skirts <3 Nasty Gal has amazing stuff!

  8. I absolutely love Nasty Gal but, they're so expensive :(


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