Dear Diary,
1:31 PM  3/6/13

     My mother and I teach an after school activity at my sister's elementary at school at two on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but for some reason, my brain registered one o'clock as two o'clock  I was putting on my shoes at 12:58 and wondering if I needed to call my mom, BUT THEN IT ALL MADE SENSE. She was late, because it was actually only one, making her not late at all. Does this make any sense to you? Can you understand what I'm trying to portray? Long story short, I will be sitting on this couch for an hour waiting for my mom to come pick me up.
     In other news, I am currently wearing a pair of skinny jeans from seventh grade. BREAKING NEWS: my butt has gotten a lot bigger since seventh grade. I hardly ever wear pants, mostly because I like wearing dresses, but also because I only have two pairs of reasonable jeans. This is not one of them. I can't zip them shut, so I have a belt on to keep them shut. With this hour left, I could have washed a pair of decent jeans or some tights, BUT NOOOO. Heheh, It's actually not that big of a deal. It's kind of fun wearing them. They limit a lot of mobility. I also did two hours of exercise yesterday, so on top of these ridiculously tight pants, I am also sore all over.
    I think I'm hanging out with Summer tomorrow. That should be cool.


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