An Emerald Daze

     In case you didn't know, emerald was declared the color of the year for 2013. Of course it doesn't really matter, but I thought it would be fun to do an emerald themed post anyway. Traditionally, I would think of emerald as a color best worn in winter and fall, but spring is almost upon us. How would you add emerald to your spring wardrobe? I personally think the best way to address this declaration is to just adorn yourself in actual emeralds, head to toe. You could definitely sport the color for St. Patrick's day.

jewelry: studs / heart studs / necklace

Sephora and Pantone also teamed up to create a collection for this event. Click here to check that out.  


  1. PERFEEEEECT!!!!!! I always love the color of green and seeing this post really make me go W-O-W. O_O


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