10 Tips for the Glamorous Girl 

      1. Sequins are not to be worn for long periods of time or against bare skin. They will cut you. They are just generally not a nice invention. image
      2. Frequent hair cuts are a must. They help your hair grow longer faster, and they allow for happier, healthier hair when you chop off split ends. image
      3. If you are ever going to use self tanning products, choose one of the aerosol variety. image
      4. Having deodorant or perfume with you can never do you a disservice. image
      5. Always read the reviews before buying something online. image
      6. Remember to floss. It brightens your smile by making your gums pinker, and it helps prevent cavities and other conditions to avoid. image
      7. Try not to shower every single day of the week. Your skin and hair will be happier if you give the cleaning a break every now and then. image
      8. DIY hair and face masks can be very helpful for rejuvenating dry hair and skin or for clearing acne. image
      9. Washing your pillow case frequently can also help with preventing and getting rid of acne. image
      10. Always moisturize after taking a shower and before putting on makeup. image


  1. this is so helpful! I didnt know about the pillow case one, i am definitely going to try it!

  2. Like what she^ said, this is so helpful. Much relevant! Thanks for sharing! :))

  3. And here I am swearing to myself that I'm gonna take a bath every single day of my life starting this year... O_O


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