Dear diary,
8:39 2/5/13

     I think I'm over grilled cheeses. I think I also might be obsessed with soup now. Not like real soup, like the kind that comes inside of packets inside of little blue cardboard boxes. I am currently waiting for some water to boil, so I can make some actually. Horray for food.
     And horray for going to the doctor tomorrow! Eeeek, I am very excited. He could be calling me up in a week saying I have cancer, yet I am just more excited than ever to be going. In all honesty though, I so do not have cancer. I bet my only problem is laziness.
"Go for a walk."
"but moooom, I have to blog."
    Today I spent a lot of time working on some cute valentine's day outfit posts for later this week. I have really been feeling the vday vibes lately. Anyways, here are some super cute items that didn't make it into the posts.

image  tights  image
image  purse  image
image  skirt  image
image  head phones  image
image  earrings  image
image  bralette  image
image  dress  image
image  head wrap  image


  1. Is there a doctor who specializes in treating laziness? I think I need one..badly. lol x)


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